5 Awesome Tucson Craft Beer Bars and Restaurants

When I’m negotiating amazing deals for my clients, I like to let my hair down – just a little, and very sensibly, of course. So, I thought today I’d share a few of Tucson’s best spots, at the time of writing. It’s a little mixed, but you should find something you like especially Tucson craft beer!


The downtown HUB is one of the single most popular spots in Tucson, AZ. It features a full menu, running from around 11am each day, plus a seriously large range of craft beers. Oh, and did I mention the HUB ice-cream? It’s AWESOME, and all HOMEMADE. Double whammy!

Expect live-DJs over the weekend, complete with individuals actually dancing. Go and have a look!

Good Oak

A great bar, with an equally great selection of craft beers and fine wines. Cocktails, too, are worth a look. One of the single best features of this downtown Tucson bar is the Beer Press. Your bartender will help you chose a beer, then chose a selection of additional spices, flavors and herbs, leave it to sit, and when the time is right they’ll press your beer. A one off, personal beer flavor for you. It’s awesome!

I was impressed with the number of Tucson wineries in their menu, too.


Playground is a sleek eating and drinking establishment located downtown. The menu isn’t extensive, but what is on offer is usually pretty good, and you can be sure to grab a well-mixed cocktail to go on the side. Check out the Sunday brunch for eggs and Bloody Mary’s, made exactly to your order.

Tap & Bottle

The Tap & Bottle was opened after the owners realized all of their vacations centered on places with reputations for awesome craft beers. Cue the eureka! moment: let’s open our own bar! And the Tap & Bottle was born. Featuring a massive range of local and national craft beers, there is always something new to try in this luxuriously decorated, family-owned bar.

Try the Dragoon Canadian Tuxedo Belgian Tripel. At 9.4% ABV, it’s a little strong, but its brewed right here in Tucson, and you’ve got to support our local enterprises, even if that is beer.

Sky Bar

The Sky Bar is a little different. As the name suggests, you’ll be entering a location where the sky is the main feature. The bar draws power through its solar panels during the day, charging batteries for usage during the night-shift. They aren’t 100% off the grid, but I like to see a Tucson business doing its little bit for the planet.

Their plug is: “Café by Day, Astronomy Bar by Night” and it is exactly that. I don’t know many bars that take advantage of the stunningly clear nights we receive in Tucson – but perhaps more should follow suit. Worth a look if you want something a little different from your normal downtown haunt.

Tucson’s downtown area is exciting. You can park relatively nearby, then head down to anywhere in the Congress and 5th area. I’ve picked a few of my favorites – what are yours?

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