6 Awesome Things to do in Tucson, AZ

Considering a move to Tucson, AZ? Come, it’s really nice here! Seriously though, if you’ve already one eye on real estate in Tucson, AZ, you’re probably already considering how to spend your weekends. Be that hiking out of the Valley into the Santa Catalina foothills, or for a round-of-18 up at Dove Mountain, Tucson will keep you entertained.

Gates Pass

Part of Tucson’s appeal is the outstanding natural beauty surrounding the city. One of the most popular is Gates Pass, situated over the Santa Cruz, at the end of West Speedway Blvd. If you’re a fan of amazing sunsets, outstanding picnicking, wildlife, and camping, Gates Pass should feature in your weekend plans – heck, even the drive out there is nice!

Just be sure to take a flashlight, a map, and a sweater, and be friendly to others already perched up in the Pass – they’re there for the same reason as you.

Carnival of Illusion

A mesmerizing magical menagerie is to be found at Tucson’s Carnival of Illusion. Though this is a seasonal attraction, if you’re living in Tucson, AZ, this is worth a look.

What makes the Carnival of Illusion great is the proximity to the action: you’re not sitting well back from the stage, you’re engaged, and the show itself is quite literally magic. I’d advise booking early as the boutique AZ theatre fills up quickly – but the size provides a level of intimacy you’ll struggle to find elsewhere in the city.

Amerind Museum

Tucson has some great museums. Situated in an important crossroads area for the southern states, and with close connections to Mexico, Tucson has had its fair share of travelers, soldiers, traders, and politicians call by over the years. It’s not surprising we have amazing facilities like the Amerind Museum to help us explore our Tucsonan heritage.

There are regular tours and talks, workshops for youths and seniors, and you’ll always find someone to talk to – the staff are pretty psyched about the museum!

Campbell Avenue Bat Colony

Tucson is home to some of Arizona’s finest bats…okay, so maybe they’re not the “finest” but this a sure spectacle you’d like to see. Underneath the concrete rafters of the Campbell Avenue bridge, a colony of some 40,000 Mexican free-tailed bats have built their habitat. These inhabitants usually appear anywhere between 2 hours and 30 minutes before sunset. You might have to be patient, but it is certainly worth the wait.

Tanque Verde Swap Meet

Each and every weekend out at 4100 South Palo Verde, thousands of local Tucsonan shoppers descend on the gigantic outdoor marketplace. You’ll find deals on everything: vegetables, technology, antiques, clothes, books, crafts, supplies, and much more. And if you don’t find what you want, I’m darn sure someone out there’ll know someone who does.

Of course, you’re not limited to shopping. You can be a vendor, too. With visitor numbers peaking at around 50,000 in the right season, there will be someone interested in your wares.

Tucsonan Festivities

We love some city-wide festivities here, in Tucson. Arizonans have always be known to like a party – some say it’s the heat – and us Tucsonans are no different. Gem Shows in the early year transform areas of the city into exciting and alluring Turkish bazaars, followed up by the Rodeo Parade, the largest non-motorized parade in the entire US.

The years events usually culminate with our very own Dia de los Muertos –Tucson style! We couldn’t be so close the border without appropriating one of the most colorful and exciting Mexican celebrations. The city can be a rash of color when you are least expecting it – it’s really quite wonderful!

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