Exploring the Tucson Metro Area

Tucson, AZ, is a growing city. The cities proximity to the southern border and as a crossroads for the other southern states provides Tucson a mixed demographic. Drawing from all over the country, near and far, has enabled Tucson to grow into the nicely sized city we all know and love, today. If you’re considering a move within Tucson, or even if you’re a fresh arrival to our city, you might not be fully aware of the entire Tucson Metropolitan Area.

Oro Valley, AZ

The Oro Valley is located north of Tucson, and is considered a “high-tech” town. Situated in the western foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains, Oro Valley has frequently featured in “best towns to live” lists, “best towns to start a business in” lists, and “top small cities” lists. Oro Valley features a number of excellent education facilities, modern hospitals, well stocked and staffed public facilities, and is a pretty safe place, to boot.

Oro Valley real estate can start in the low $40K’s, moving all the way into the millions. But don’t let that put you off – you’re bound to find your real estate dream.

Marana, AZ

Located to the north of Tucson, and the west of Oro Valley, Marana is slightly smaller than its closest neighbour. Marana has excellent access to the Tortolita Foothills, and accordingly dozens of trails have their start and end in the town. As well as this, Marana has notable historical value: archaeologists estimate there has been around 4,200 years of continuous human settlement, with digs revealing some of the oldest known artefacts in the world.

Marana real estate can start as low as $20k, and much like Oro Valley, moves well into the millions. Marana, AZ, is an excellent choice for individuals looking for life of outdoor pursuit.

Sahuarita, AZ

Sahuarita is located to the south of Tucson, but still maintains good transport links to the International Airport, and both Interstates. Sahuarita has had a mixed past, starting life as a small farming outpost, evolving into a much larger outpost under both Spanish, and then Mexican rule, before being incorporated into the US and playing a part during our World War Two efforts.

Sahuarita real estate plots are mixed: you can buy an empty lot for a little as $10K, or go the whole-hog and snap up a relative mansion – think beautiful gated courtyards, plush lawns, and fabulous decoration – for around $500K.

Corona de Tucson, AZ

Corona de Tucson is a relatively tiny enclave community situated to the south of the city, situated between the I-19, the I-10, with direct transport links to the University of Arizona. Corona de Tucson really is small: the entire community covers around 3mi2 and features around 400 houses, with a few more empty lots to boot. As such, real estate in Corona de Tucson doesn’t fluctuate much. Corona de Tucson real estate prices range between $125K up to around $350K, whilst plots begin as low as $15K.

It is a quiet, family orientated community, situated in the Santa Rita foothills, where the real estate can draw you in.

Green Valley, AZ

Green Valley is located roughly 20 miles south of Tucson, and is a retirement real estate dream. Green Valley features 59 Homeowner Associations, all geared toward supporting those in retirement, or those considering it in the near future. The outstanding natural beauty in and around Green Valley will draw you in, and you’ll find ample access to the Santa Rita Mountains for bird-watching and hiking opportunities.

Green Valley real estate prices are well positioned in the Tucson marketplace – but you’ll have to consider the commute into Tucson each day, if that is your place of work. That said, you’ll be right on the I-19, so it shouldn’t be an issue should you consider a move to Green Valley.

Saddlebrooke, AZ

Saddlebrooke is another small enclave, situated to the north of Tucson, on the edge of the Catalina State Park, with two outstanding golf courses. Saddlebrooke’s community is mixed. Part local Tucsonan, part resort, resulting in an eclectic mix of businesses and residents, all reveling in the usually spectacularly nice Arizonan weather.

Saddlebrooke real estate features toward the higher end of the typical Tucson market, with real estate starting from around $200K and heading up to around $700K. If you love great weather and golfing, real estate in Saddlebrooke could be your dream move.

Vail, AZ

Our final area for exploration is Vail, AZ. Located to the southeast of Tucson, Vail is well known for its multiple areas of outstanding beauty; the Rincon Mountains come to mind, whilst you can explore the Saguaro National Park to your heart’s desire – not forgetting the Colossal Cave, also located nearby.

It’s another small enclave, featuring around 3,000 residencies, with Vail real estate prices ranging from around $10K for an empty lot, up to around $500-600K for an established residency. As with the other small communities situated around Tucson, coming to view the natural beauty of the area is a must, and will help you make the right real estate decision.

I hope these snippets of Tucson real estate information have helped you in your quest for a new property. Let me know if I can help, and we’ll plan your Arizonan real estate from bottom-to-top.


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