Selling Your Tucson Real Estate

Wait, what? You’re leaving Tucson? Are you mad?!

Well, we’ll be sad to see you go, stay in touch now, y’hear?

It’s often said the happiest day in a boat owners life is the day is the day the boat is sold on. It’s done. Out of pocket, finished, freedom once again. Now, I’m not suggesting real estate should be so satisfying, especially if you’re leaving Tucson, but if you are considering selling your Tucson real estate, here are some pointers:

Talk Up the Good

You know your real estate property better than anyone else – not your Mom, Pop, cousin, or realtor. Work with your realtor to expose the best bits of your property, and then let those awesome features do the talking for you.

If you’ve installed a pool, retiled the bathrooms, extended the garages, landscaped the garden, modernized the AC, or any number of other home improvements, you’ve likely increased the overall value of your real estate. Ensure your potential buyers are aware of these improvements, when they were completed, and how they improved your life at the property.

Don’t tell them how much they cost: your potential buyer likely isn’t interested in the minute financials of AC ducting insulation – but they will care that you bothered to do the job. You can leverage this in your real estate transaction.

Up-Talk the Bad

So, just as we would talk-up all the best features of your real estate, your potential buyer is likely to want to know the downsides, too. It’s fair: you know yourself how important understanding your potential real estate investment can be, so be open with your buyers. Your realtor can help you further here.

You don’t have to explore the details of every potential pitfall of the house, but leverage them as potential home improvement aspects so your potential buyer can really make a mark on the home. What I’m talking about here are the scruffy corners, the bits of your home you haven’t had time to go full handyman on, and the little bits here and there.

They aren’t down points: they are areas to add your own personality to a new piece of real estate.

Don’t Worry

Most of all, don’t worry. Your realtor can help you through this entire process, and should lend you a guiding hand. We’ve all been there, I assure you! What’s right in your property for you might be the opposite for a potential buyer. They might hate the pool, reject your sandstone bathroom tiles, and curse your super-efficient AC, but still see potential in the real estate you are offering, buying it despite all of those potential negative buyer points.

It’s a mixed bag. Selling your property can take time, too, so it’s important to pace yourself, and do not get too disappointed if it doesn’t sell in the first week. Selling real estate can sometimes turn into a marathon – the key is pacing the race.

Thanks for reading. Get in touch to discuss your real estate needs, Tusconan’s!

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