​New Restaurants to Open 2017 in Tucson

Tucson in Arizona is known as much for its mouth-watering and diverse cuisine as it is famous for its scenic beauty and diverse landscape. This desert city is very close to the international US-Mexico border and it is also home to a large number of people belonging to various ethnicities. The rich and vibrant food culture of Tucson finally got recognized last year when it was added to the list of gastronomic cities of the world. For all those who take pride in being food connoisseurs, this article lists new restaurants and eating joints being opened and revamped in Tucson in the year 2017.

The O will be the name of the new and revamped Gus and Andy’s

Gus and Andy’s has been a very popular bar and restaurant serving steaks on North Oracle road of Tucson. This restaurant is also a popular place for organizing events The owner of the place Tami Korti has decided to revamp and reorganize to give it not just a new name (The O) but also a new and refreshed look. It will have 15 tables to allow 60 guests to enjoy their dinner at the same time while dozens can sit at the bar and enjoy their drinks, watching sports programs on large screen television. This cool restaurant and bar in day time will be transformed into a sports club in the evenings with $2 draft beers served to sports enthusiasts as they watch NCAA matches on TV screens.

Holy Smoking Butts BBQ

Marisa and Curt Lewis had been serving food to their customers from a truck till now. They have leased a 2000 square feet place on 1104 S Wilmot Road which means their customers will now enjoy their delicious food at a fixed place rather than in a moving truck. The couple that quit office jobs to start this business is known for its mouth-watering brisket that is smoked slowly over wood for no less than 18-20 hours without using propane or charcoal as the fuel. Marisa and Curt are also famous for their delicious ribs, pork, and sausage. They are now planning to add barbecue taking advantage of this large place that they have leased for a long time period.

New restaurant from Seis Kitchen and Catering

Erika Muinoz and Jake Muinoz, owners of Seis Kitchen and Catering, are planning to open a second restaurant at 1765 E River Road in Joesler Village Shopping Centre. It will be a spacious restaurant spread over an area of 3287 square feet. It will be a restaurant serving Mexican cuisine from six different regions of Mexico namely Yucatan, western Mexico, Mexico City, and Oaxaca. The couple is known for its crisp and delicious tacos.

New Chicken and Waffles Restaurant opening at Fourth Avenue

Micah Blatt the owner says he is planning to open The Drunken Chicken in fall at Fourth Avenue, in time to welcome the student fraternity when it is back after summer holidays. It will be a restaurant serving chicken and waffles along with crafted beer. Micah is the owner of an art gallery and a bar and he has his sight upon 428 N Fourth Avenue. His co-owner at the new restaurant would be his long-time manager at the bar, Mr Ben Sattler.

4th outlet of The Screamery Opening in Tucson

The Screamery is a Tucson born ice cream brand loved by the locals. It is planning to open its 4th and final outlet in Tucson in Marana. This ice cream brand is known for pasteurizing its own milk before using it to hand craft a delicious ice cream. This new ice creams parlour will be the only ice cream shop in the plaza in which it is going to open. It is certainly going to be lapped up by the customers as the plaza contains not just Wall Mart but many other retails tores as wel as chains of restaurants.

This new outlet will not only serves cups and cones beginning from $2.25 but also serve many delights like Ice Cream Nachos and the Farmhouse. The owner Sarmoski says that in a place like Tucson where people are having a scoop for $4.5, it takes great customer service and a nice product to take out $10 from the pocket of the customer.

Another Tap and Bottle opening up in Tucson

Tap & Bottle, makers of craft beer in Tucson, have announced that they are planning to open a second outlet in Northwest side of the city this summer. The location of this outlet would be 7254 N Oracle Road. It will be opened in an old building known as Computer Renaissance. Customers can expect a wide range of craft beers and wines at this new outlet of the company. The owners Rebecca Stafford and her husband Scott Stafford say they decided to open second outlet to provide craft beer to their customers.

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