Blenman Elm Neighborhood: Heart of Tucson

Tucson is a large city in the state of Arizona. It houses the University of Arizona. Tucson is pretty close to US-Mexico border (60 miles) and the nearest city is Phoenix (108 miles). Tucson is famous for its scenic beauty and hot and sunny weather conditions. If you are planning to move to Tucson, and interested in a neighbourhood that is not only centrally located but also reflects the true spirit of this desert city, you must choose Blenman Elm.

Blenman Elm is not just a neighbourhood in Tucson; it represents, in many ways, the essence of what the city of Tucson stands for. It is a historic district that started to take roots well before Tucson saw University of Arizona being established. But the real boom in construction in this neighbourhood came around 1950.

A clean and very peaceful neighbourhood

Blenman Elm is situated very close to the Medical Centre of the University of Arizona. This gives Blenman Elm the feel of a student community. Though located in the heart of the city and with all modern amenities you can imagine, Blenman Elm gives you the feel of a suburb. The neighbourhood is neat and clean and gives you a chance to live a very peaceful life in homes that are built in many interesting designs. However, Blenman Elm is famous in Tucson for its ranch style homes. In fact, you will find homes in this neighbourhood in no less than 17 different beautiful styles. One of the highlights of the architecture of Blenman Elm is a cluster of 21 homes designed by famous Swiss architect JosiasJoeslar.

Diverse people but a very friendly neighbourhood

Blenman Elm is renowned for its diverse population belonging to different religions and ethnicities. Despite having such diversity, residents say that it is a wonderful place to live in because the people are friendly and very cooperative. Add to this all modern amenities like shops, restaurants, facilities for recreation and entertainment, and Blenman Elm becomes a perfect place to live in for you. It has a livability score that is higher than the US average and it also has low crime rates to make it a very safe place to live with your family.

Homes in 17 attractive styles

You will find streets lined up with modest apartments and single family homes when you enter Blenman Elm. The real estate market is this neighbourhood has been very stable and the fact that many of the residents have been living here for 30-40 years makes it a stable housing market. Spanish style and ranch style homes make you feel as if you have been transported in a different place and era.

Association that brings people together

One thing that makes Blenman Elm special for its residents is its neighbourhood association. This association provides a platform to all homeowners to interact and engage with each other. It is also an association that launches various neighbourhood improvement drives that include cleaning of the roads and places of public interest. This neighbourhood association also makes it possible for the residents to see and interact with the student community of the University of Arizona that is situated pretty close to Blenman Elm.

Blenman Elm has a very small population of 3122 residents. Most of the men and women work either in the University of Arizona or the Medical Centre. The average commute time in this part of the city is less than half an hour making it very conveniently located. Median household income in Tucson is 33% higher than rest of Arizona but high property prices in the city offset any comparative advantage residents might feel because of high income. This is also the reason why cost of living in the city is at par with the rest of the country. One feature of Blenman Elm that is loved by families is its peaceful environment. People looking for a home in this neighbourhood are delighted to know that crime rate is 60% lower than the rest of Tucson.

You can relax if you are worried about education of your kids when moving to this neighbourhood. Tucson is served by Tucson United School District which has a very high enrolment. In fact, it has the highest enrolment than any other school district in Arizona.

Blenman Elm provides ample opportunities for fun and recreation to its residents. Not only does it have a museum, it also has several parks to allow for fun in the open space to families living in the neighbourhood. There are many grocery stores, shops, and restaurants to cater to the requirements of the people.

If you are looking for a home in Blenman Elm, it is prudent to consult an experienced local relator. He will find you a bargain deal to help save your hard earned money.

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