Top Companies Heading to Tucson in 2017

No longer a city for the retirees

   Millennials are getting attracted to Tucson because of ease of doing business and access to all modern amenities. Not only is Tucson very business friendly, entrepreneurs and business also benefit greatly because of quick and easy access to the 6th largest city in the country (Phoenix) situated just 100 miles away from Tucson.

Vector Space Systems has big plans for Tucson

     Vector Space Systems, a small satellite launch company, has announced that it is going to locate its manufacturing headquarters in Tucson. This is great news for the people of Tucson as this facility will provide nearly 200 jobs to the locals. These high paying jobs of average $75000 salary are set to give a big boost to the economy of the city. The company is planning to invest money to the tune of nearly $290 million over the next three years in Pima County. Jim Cantrell, founder and CEO of vector Space Systems has said that the number of jobs to the locals could go up to 500 in the next five years as production increases.

This new manufacturing facility of Vector Space Systems will be located at Aerospace, Defence and Technology Business & Research Park. This facility is being jointly developed by Pima County and Arizona Commerce Authority and it promises to give a much needed boost to the aerospace industry in the state of Arizona. Plans are afoot to build 36000 square feet of office space and 40000 square feet of manufacturing unit. All of this development is being planned to the south of Tucson International Airport which means that the city is set to witness a boom in its economy and employment scene over the next 5 years.

World View is also planning it expansion

      The site at which the new infrastructure for Vector Space Systems is being developed is also home to another big company called World View. This is a company that makes balloons for space tourism and research. World View has expansion plans that will include offer of new jobs to the locals as the company has decided to upgrade and increase its production capacity. World View has its manufacturing facility spread over a sprawling 15 acres area adjoining the premises of another big company called Raytheon Missiles System.

Both World View and Vector Space Systems, though not new, are all set to galvanize the employment scene in Tucson and surrounding area of Arizona.

Tucson is set to become a hub for aerospace companies

      World View and Vector Space Systems become tenants of Pima County as the county tries to protect Raytheon Missile Systems from residential encroachment. Raytheon Missile Systems is currently the 2nd largest employer to the people of Tucson, having 10300 employees. It is second only to University of Arizona that gives employment to 10846 people. According to Chuck Huckleberry, the administrator of Pima County, the trio of  these aerospace and defence companies is sure to act as a gravitational pull for other aerospace companies across the country that will be interested in setting up their manufacturing facilities in this park. He further added that it is as important for the County to help local businesses grow as it is to attract companies from outside to come and invest in the county.

Opportunities coming up at Tucson International Airport

New opportunities for the people of Tucson and surrounding areas are opening up soon at Tucson International Airport where new restaurant and retail options are being mulled. Airport Authority Board of Directors has voted for adding new facilities for food and beverage at the airport. It will not be a few new restaurants at the airport but also newsstands, gift shops, and a store to make available sports gear and related products.


For the residents of Tucson, especially those who dream to join NASA or US Army one day to become a part of the aerospace industry will not have options right in Tucson city. As things stand today, people of Tucson have no dearth of employment. With many new companies evincing interest in setting up their facilities in this desert city, it will only make Tucson an economic hub in the state of Arizona.


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