Modernism Week Tucson, Arizona 2017

Tucson Modernism Week is an annual event, rather series of events that are organized every year under the aegis of Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation. The week-long event is organized in Southern Arizona city of Tucson and it celebrates and commemorates the exuberance of architecture and modern design that was experienced in the period just after World War II. The events that include seminars, lectures, movies etc. celebrate this Mid Century architectural style that was dominant in southern Arizona desert area. This style of architecture is characterized by casual informality and use of simple and clean lines.

Celebrates design adapted to the climate of Arizona

Tucson Modernism Week is celebrated with much fanfare in the city of Tucson every year. It started in 2011 and continues to be observed every year with much fanfare. It has come to be associated with the use of regional materials in construction keeping in mind the hot climate of southern Arizona desert area. This movement has emphasized on indoor and outdoor living in hot desert climate of Arizona. Tucson Modernism Week is the handiwork of Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation which is a non-profit organization devoted to preservation of cultural and architectural heritage of Arizona.

Clean lines and casual informality

Modernism in design and architecture after WWII was seen in Arizona in terms of bold colours and honesty reflected in simple and clean lines of construction. In a period when classic construction materials were dominant, this modernism laid emphasis on honest materials like concrete, chrome, and plywood. This style of design and architecture set the tone for the trend that became evident in not just Arizona but whole of America. In a way, this modernism symbolized the future and the things to come in the fields of design and architecture.

People come to Tucson to see this unsung hero of Tucson

Tucson Modernism Week is considered by many as an unsung hero of Tucson, at least in the world of Design and architecture. It is like an architectural oasis, one of the best kept secrets of the city that reminds one of the mid-century revolutions that took place in the whole of Arizona after World War II. People come to Tucson during this modernism week to learn more about this movement. They are thrilled to pieces when they get so much of authentic information in the form of lectures and seminars as well as films. But more than these, it is the living examples of clean and simple architectural lines are visible to them in the form of structures made during the 50s and the 60s that are standing tall in Tucson till today.


It is the aim of Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation to celebrate mid-century design and architectural trends by organizing Tucson Modernism Week every year. It also aims to encourage wider appreciation of these design techniques as well as contemporary thinking in design and architecture in the southern Arizona area.


Modernism week in Tucson is a great way to educate the youngsters about a movement in design and architecture that took shape more than half a century ago. Lectures in particular from architects and designers who have given their services in the period between 1950 and 1960 carry the message forward. 

Trailers catch the imagination of the people

Most of the events held during the Tucson Modernism Week are free for public to encourage wider participation from all cross sections of the society. It goes to the credit of Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation to cover a broad range of topics related to design and architecture. One of the highlights of the mega show during Tucson Modernism Week every year is the presence of trailers, large vehicles that were used prominently for the purpose of construction in the period after World War II. These trailers were at their peak during the 50s and the 60s but still hog the limelight when they are brought and placed in front of the public during the trailer show in Tucson Modernism Week.


Tucson Modernism Week is a great opportunity for people interested in design and architecture to come together at a single platform. They can learn about the movement seen in Tucson and other parts of Arizona soon after WWII. It is also a chance to meet and hear experts in design and architecture. You can also interact with other people like you having a similar interest in design and architecture.


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