Always Use a REALTOR®!

It is no surprise to me that many of my clients say “this is the biggest thing I’ve ever done,” or “I’ve never handled this much money before,” or even “I’m worried about this real estate deal.”

All of these feelings toward real estate are common. You are not the only one. But these feelings should lead you toward an accredited realtor who can help you with your negotiations, clauses, conditions, terms, and everything in between.

Realtors Are Your Friend

Literally, we are! We want to ensure the best real estate deal for you. We’ll work as your biggest advocate, your eyes and ears on the ground, always in expert mode, and we’ll work till the small hours of the morning to negotiate that deal for you. Seriously.

We’re aware of our part in one of the biggest moments in many lives. The stress of moving, of finding real estate, of planning the next step in your life, of talking to each party involved, all of this can be alleviated by working alongside your realtor.

Realtors Know Our Stuff

There is a reason over 85% of all real estate deals progress through an accredited realtor: we know our stuff.

Housing laws, contract laws, real estate laws, local zoning laws, and tax laws are constantly changing – not to try and trip you up, I’m assured. But you don’t have time to read up on all of these constantly changing laws. That’s why I’m here – it is my job to be informed, to stay abreast of these changes so I can better serve my clients.

If I understand more about the law, you’re likely to get a better real estate deal, wherever we are in the country.

Realtors Are a Resourceful Bunch

We’ve fingers in pies we don’t even know about, yet. Realtors, such as myself, meet and engage with thousands of people each year. We talk to people from all walks of life, up and down the classes, countless different jobs, and countless different places throughout Tucson.

But this is essential to a successful realtor. Your realtor should be able to size a deal up, be objective, understand the nuances of the transaction, be aware of the potential pitfalls of the deal, and keep up with all the changes I mentioned above.

It isn’t just that, either. We’re a vocal bunch all over the country, and regularly fight contract or housing laws we believe are unfair to our clients, whether we’ve already met or not.

But most of all, our resourcefulness stems directly from our experiences in this real estate business. Can you afford to go without experience, to go alone? Call or email me – I’m here to help!

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